Give your exchange-traded funds greater prominence and join some of the biggest ETF providers in the world by listing on our market.

A global hub for ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are listed UCITS that give investors the opportunity to buy whole indices in the same way they buy shares or bonds. Over the last few years, we have witnessed rapid growth in the number of ETFs listed with us. As one of the leading financial centres for investment funds in Europe, Luxembourg continues to attract asset managers from around the world. ETFs can be traded in the same way as other transferable securities and enjoy the advantages of both stocks and investment funds.

Instant access to thousands of securities


ETF providers that list their securities on our markets will receive instant access to thousands of securities. As all ETFs listed at LuxSE are tradeable on the secondary market through Euronext’s OPTIQ trading platform, ETF providers can benefit from greater market liquidity and official prices for their securities throughout the trading day.

ETFs that are listed with us, and whose sole objective is to reproduce one or more indices, are also exempt from annual subscription tax.

ETF providers listed at LuxSE 

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Advantages of listing at LuxSE

  • Increased trading volumes for your ETFs
  • Tap an international investor base
  • Benefit from LuxSE’s expertise in funds listing
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