The digital listing solution

With LuxSE’s e-Listing service, issuers and their advisors can now streamline their listing operations through an intuitive, digital platform, which allows users to both submit listings to LuxSE and comply with some of their regulatory requirements at the same time.

Listing for the modern issuer

The age of digitalisation is not around the corner; it is well and truly upon us. That is why, with its deep-rooted beliefs in innovation and transparency, LuxSE is proud to offer e-Listing as part of our ever-growing services. 

LuxSE’s e-Listing service allows issuers and their advisors to change the way they list securities, making it easier than ever to access their desired markets. 

What was once a time-consuming process involving many different points of contact has now been channelled into one user-friendly and digital interface. 

The platform is particularly well-suited to frequent issuers and their agents who list securities in bulk.

Advantages of e-Listing

  • Centralised portal with automated workflows for most types of listings
  • Real-time control over your submissions
  • Direct filings of Final Terms to regulatory authorities
  • Full audit trail of all activities

Listing a security has never been easier

1. Create a login
2. We will verify your details and contact you to configure your account
3. Log in and follow the simple on-screen instructions

e-Listing relevant documents

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