Data Centre migration

Euronext to migrate its primary Data Centre and related Colocation services from Basildon, UK, to the Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre IT3 in Bergamo, Italy, on 6 June 2022.

Euronext is planning to migrate its hosting services from its current Data Centre in Basildon, UK, to the Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre (IT3) in Bergamo, Italy. 

The move, subject to regulatory approval, is planned in response to multiple factors, including the acquisition of Borsa Italiana Group, the dynamic created by Brexit and a strong rationale to locate a Data Centre in a country where Euronext operates a large business. 

The target date for the Data Centre migration, subject to regulatory approval and operational readiness, is set for 6 June 2022. 

The Aruba Data Centre meets the highest quality standards (Rating 4 certification), provides the maximum level of safety and resilience, and is 100% powered by renewable energy, enabling to significantly reduce Euronext's environmental impact. Euronext will operate a state-of-the-art Colocation facility available to members and non-members.

The scope of the migration will cover Luxembourg Stock Exchange markets together with all Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets.
Members and Info Vendors of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange will need to be able to connect to the new Data Centre in order to be able to access the market trading platform (Optiq), Saturn, Trade Confirmation System (TCS) Web, End of Day services and Plug Web.

All relevant information related the migration will be available from the Euronext Data Centre Migration webpage on the following links:

It is strongly recommended that all Luxembourg Stock Exchange members and Market data providers open an account on Connect, as this will enable them to receive all upcoming communications related to Euronext’s Data Centre migration in a timely manner.

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