Corporate governance and CSR

Corporate governance and CSR

We are committed to focus on the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors at all levels of the organisation. Our corporate mind-set is based on three pillars of ESG principles:

1. Think transparency

Solid corporate governance is key in capital markets. At LuxSE we follow ten in-house developed principles that aim at ensuring the highest market standards through transparency, business ethics and controls. These ten values are applicable to all Luxembourg companies listing shares on our markets and are aligned with the European Commission’s guidance, set in the 2003 Action Plan.

  • 1

    Principle 1: Corporate governance framework

    The company shall adopt a clear and transparent corporate governance framework for which it shall provide adequate disclosure.

  • 2

    Principle 2: The Board of directors’ remit

    The board shall be responsible for the management of the company. As a collective body, it shall act in the corporate interest, and shall serve all the shareholders by ensuring the long-term success of the company.

  • 3

    Principle 3: Composition of the Board of directors and of the special committees

    The board shall be composed of competent, honest and qualified persons. Their selection shall take account of the specific features of the company. The board shall establish special committees necessary for the proper execution of its remit.

  • 4

    Principle 4: Appointment of directors and executive managers

    The company shall establish a formal procedure for the appointment of directors and executive managers.

  • 5

    Principle 5: Conflicts of interest and business ethics rules

    Directors must show integrity and commitment. Each shall represent the shareholders as a whole, and shall make decisions solely in the company’s interest, and independently of any conflict of interest.

  • 6

    Principle 6: Evaluation of the performance of the board

    The board shall assess regularly its operating methods and its relationship with the executive management.

  • 7

    Principle 7: Management structure

    The board shall set up an effective structure of executive management. It shall clearly define the assignments and duties of the executive management and shall delegate the powers required for the proper discharge of these assignments and duties to the latter.

  • 8

    Principle 8: Remuneration policy

    The company shall secure the services of qualified directors and executive managers by means of a fair remuneration policy that is compatible with the long-term interests of the company.

  • 9

    Principle 9: Financial reporting, internal control, and risk management

    The board shall establish strict rules that are designed to protect the company’s interests in the areas of financial reporting, internal control and risk management.

  • 10

    Principle 10: Shareholders

    The company shall respect the rights of its shareholders and ensure that they receive equal treatment. The company shall establish a policy of active communication with its shareholders.

The Ten Principles of Corporate Governance of LuxSE

Corporate governance reports

These reports analyse the application of the Ten Principles of Corporate Governance of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange by Luxembourg companies listed for trading on the regulated market of the Stock Exchange.

The studies present an analysis of the publication of a chapter on corporate governance in the annual reports of companies, of their CG charter published on their website, and all the data publicly available on their website, in their annual report or elsewhere.

See all reports

Think people

We focus on the well-being of the employees by providing:

  • Complimentary bio-certified fruit
  • An electric company car
  • e-car charging stations
  • A bicycle parking
  • M-Pass – a subsidised annual public transport pass
  • Locally sourced water and fair-trade orange juice in meetings
  • Part-time work scheme
  • Parental leave 
  • “Buy more holidays” scheme
  • A subsidised private health insurance 
  • Luxembourg Air Rescue membership


Think planet

Sustainable business growth is of utmost importance. In our office building we:

  • Collect rainwater for flushing
  • Sort waste
  • Collect old toner cartridges for recycling
  • Collect empty batteries for recycling
  • Manage lighting to save energy


Our premises are Valideo-certified

Valideo is a voluntary Sustainable Construction certification. This attestation is carried out by SECO, projects are assessed on the basis of a series of criteria grouped in four themes:

  • Site and construction
  • Management
  • Comfort and health
  • Social value

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