Covered bonds

List your covered bond on our markets and benefit from greater visibility and an efficient listing process.

A stable and secure listing environment

A highly coveted asset class, covered bonds enable issuers to benefit from long term capital funding, while giving investors the peace and mind that collateral remains on balance sheet. By listing your covered bonds with us, you’ll benefit from greater transparency for your security and an efficient listing process. All covered bonds at LuxSE are listed under programmes by financial institutions.

  • 64 Active covered bond programmes

  • 270+ Number of issuers listing covered bonds

  • 45 Issuers from different jurisdictions

Covered bond issuers listed at LuxSE

Advantages of listing at LuxSE

  • Greater visibility among international investors
  • A rapid and efficient listing process
  • A trusted regulatory regime with decades of experience listing securities
Listing Overview

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