Data gathered by LuxSE are centralised and hosted on the Euronext Optiq platform.
You can source real-time information directly from the Euronext platform or indirectly via an information provider.

  • Data vendors connect directly to Euronext through SFTI (Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure) using the MDG (Market Data Gateway) protocol.

    Since Euronext hosts the technical platform of the Luxembourg market, access to LuxSE real-time information is possible through the same infrastructure and protocols as for any other Euronext market feeds.

    To access the LuxSE market feed, you need to:

    • Have access to the SFTI (Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure) network either through dedicated access or through an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) – list of ISVs
    • Develop or purchase an application that can decode feeds in MDG format.

    The MDG protocol is based on the multicast dissemination of market messages.

    Using this feed does not require a procedure of the types "User Acceptance" or "Go Live" at Euronext and LuxSE.

    All detailed technical information, enabling access to feeds and to decode MDG messages, is available on the Euronext website:

    For additional technical information, please contact us directly.

  • We give you the possibility to retrieve documents and prospectuses available in our databases through an FTP connection.

    You therefore avoid mail delivery delays and other issues.

    The documents you can retrieve include*:

    • Summaries
    • Prospectuses
    • Base prospectuses
    • New programme approvals
    • Unitary prospectuses / Drawdown prospectuses
    • Final terms (pricing supplements)
    • UCI (investment fund) prospectuses

    *The list is not exhaustive and other types of documents could be available.

    Lists on request

    These are tailor-made lists for individual client needs. You can choose a CSV or Excel format for the files, and you receive them via email or an FTP connection at the end of the day (6.00pm CET). Here are some examples of lists you can request: emerging markets bonds, the index and its constituents, listing agents, new issuers, etc.

  • If you wish to integrate LuxSE data, such as securities’ prices or price charts in your website, you have two options:

    • We authorise the use of a link to the LuxSE website and you carry out its implementation into your applications.
    • Our programmers develop the tailored information you wish to display and adapt it to match your corporate identity.

    In both cases, you first need to make an agreement with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. For further information, please contact us at:

Contact us

Camilo Realpe

Head of Market Access & Data Services

+352 47 79 36 268