Commercial Papers

Issuer Programme Start date 
BANQUE FEDERATIVE DU CREDIT MUTUELEuro-Commerical Paper and Certificate of Deposit Programme17/02/2017
CREDIT MUTUEL ARKEAFrench Certificats de Dépôt Programme07/06/2016
DEXIA CREDIT LOCALGuaranteed Euro-Commercial Paper Programme24/02/2017
GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL BANKCertificates of Deposit Programme03/03/2017
GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL BANKCertificate of Deposit Programme in respect of non-STEP compliant “B” Certificates of Deposit 201703/03/2017
INSTITUTO DE CREDITO OFICIALEuro-Commercial Paper Programme15/12/2016
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADAEuro Note Programme in respect of money market instruments having a maturity of less than twelve months06/03/2017
UBI BANCA INTERNATIONAL S.A.EUR Commercial Paper Guaranteed Programme12/08/2016