Opening hours and closing days

Opening hours


09:00 - 17:35 CET
Monday - Friday

Market status

Trading groups

Depending on the type of securities and its liquidity, we organise the instruments in trading groups. Securities in one group follow the same timetable, price variation rules and settlement scheme.

Securities are traded either:

  • Continuously – liquid securities
  • By auction – less liquid instruments

For more details, consult the below appendix:
Trading manual – appendix

Closing days

The LuxSE markets will be closed on the following days:


Friday 14 April Good Friday
Monday 17 April Easter Monday
Monday 1 May Labour Day
Monday 25 December Christmas Day
Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day

LuxSE markets are open on all other Luxembourg bank holidays not mentioned above.



The 2018 trading days calendar will be published at the end of November 2017.


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Head of Markets & Surveillance

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