Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel

Access point to data and information on Chinese domestic green bonds listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). 

What is the Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel?

China boasts one of the world's largest bond markets, valued at USD 11 trillion, with a production of green and sustainability bonds in excess of RMB 250 bn. However, the market may appear off-limits to the international investor community due to the difficulties of accessing the right level of information on the traded bonds.

The Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel is an information channel which bridges the information gap between Chinese issuers and international investors. Green bonds listed on the Shanghai exchange can be traded via existing channels and the cooperation with LuxSE focuses on providing exhaustive information in English to offshore investors. The initiative dates back to september 2017 when the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange signed and addentum to an existing MoU.


Key advantages of the Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel

  • Enhanced visibility of securities
  • Increased investor base
  • Better connectivity among China and international investors
  • Comprehensible information in English available to offshore investors
  • Increased transparency of bond information via free access to security cards displaying details about the planned use of proceeds, external opinions, etc.

All Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel securities displayed on LGX


Who displays on the Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel?

LuxSE SOL — Securities Official List

At LuxSE, we offer issuers the possibility to register their securities on our official list, without admission to trading. These securities are included on our official list, in the Securities Official List (SOL) section.

LuxSE SOL is designed for issuers looking for visibility and for whom admission to trading is not a prerequisite.

LuxSE SOL is governed by a dedicated Rulebook of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 13 July 2007 which implements the Directive 2001/34/CE establishing the existence of the official list.

LuxSE SOL enables Green Bond Channel issuers to gain access to the Luxembourg Green Exchange.

The following SOL application form needs to be provided (see below).

The Luxembourg Green Exchange in a nutshell

The market for sustainable finance investments has experienced rapid growth in recent years as attention turns to working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and meeting the targets under the Paris Climate Agreement.

To help facilitate the development of this market, in 2016 we launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a dedicated platform for sustainable securities.

LGX aims to bring investors and issuers of sustainable financial instruments together on a single platform. 

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