List your certificates at one of the world’s leading exchanges for structured investment products and benefit from a tailored offering.

Get your certificate off the ground

Certificates are structured investment products that encompass a wide range of different characteristics. Underlying assets include stocks, indices, commodities and portfolio of assets, among others. Unlike warrants, which give an investor the right, but not an obligation, to exercise an option, certificates are automatically triggered based on a specific event.

A number of major financial institutions choose to list their certificates with us due to our extensive experience listing this asset class. We offer a specific fee structure for issuers listing certificates and display real-time prices on our website. Issuers with listed certificates will also benefit from greater visibility as prospectuses and notices are made available for free over the lifetime of the security.

A selection of issuers with listed certificates

Advantages of listing a certificate

  • Increased visibility among international investors
  • A rapid and efficient listing process
  • A trusted regulatory regime with decades of experience listing securities
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