Brokers and dealers

Our trading members have access to roughly 39,000+ securities denominated in 71 currencies. We offer:

  • A unique, fixed income-orientated referential database
  • For retail orders, an alternative to the OTC market
  • A secure and transparent trading environment
  • A MIFID-compliant trading platform
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Getting access to LuxSE markets is easy

Depending on the membership type you apply for, the application process is slightly different, but in both cases straightforward. Let us know who you are:

General trading rules


Membership fees

  • There are no admission fees
  • There are no annual membership fees

Connectivity fees

  • LuxSE does not charge connectivity fees
  • Members who use services of their Independent Software Provides (ISVs) are charged directly by them

Trading fees

Market data fees

  • Members who use market data for trading purposes can do so free of charge
  • To consult market data for other purposes, contact the Market Data Team at

Clearing and settlement fees

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange does not charge for clearing and settlement. Members are free to choose their service provider.

Transaction Reporting Service

In order to fulfil disclosure obligations in line with MIFID II requirements, customers may wish to contact Euronext and enquire about use of their Transaction Reporting Service."

Do you need further information?

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Head of Markets & Surveillance

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Markets & Surveillance Department

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