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Luxembourg Stock Exchange - The preferred funds listing destination

More than 6,500 share classes are tradeable in real time on the markets of LuxSE
Date: 2015

Securitization: The Benefits of Listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

First-mover attitude - 1st European Exchange to list Mortgage-backed securities (MBS)
Date: 2015

LuxSE: a prime location for listing

LuxSE keeps on diversifiying by responding to new market needs such as Coco bonds, Dim Sum bonds, Indexed bonds, Tier one issues and Loan participation notes, Islamic bonds (Sukuk)
Date: 2014

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Markets and Trading at LuxSE

LuxSE offers investors access to a wide range of instruments tradable through a high-performing trading platform hosted by Euronext

The Fund Index

Lux RI (Responsible Investment Funds)

National Index

Lux General

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LuxSE - The leading RMB center

Main hub for Chinese investors into Eurozone and is China’s primary FDI destination in Europe
Date: 2016

LuxSE: Listing Services for Sharia-compliant securities

Sukuk a clear regulatory framework
Date: 2016

Listing Asset-Backed Securities on LuxSE

The Luxembourg financial center is today a prime venue for securitization in Europe, as it already hosts 25% of all European securitization transactions and it is the domicile of choice for 900+ Securitization Vehicles(SVs)
Date: 2016

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LGX – Luxembourg Green Exchange

Luxembourg Green Exchange

The world’s leading platform for sustainable finance
Date: 2017

Stops on bearer securities

Organisme de centralisation des oppositions sur titres au porteur

(French version)
Date: 11/2016