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Some news are important but not big enough as to require a press release. Keep abreast of everything that’s going on at LuxSE in this news section.

HLEG report and its impact on European green bonds – LGX

The new green bond standards will raise the bar for transparency thus enhancing comparability of the instruments.

Q&A with HLEG member Julie Becker  |  Final HLEG report 2018

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Luxembourg and China's green revolution – LuxSE

LEO magazine interviews CEO Robert Scharfe on how we have deepened our relations with China, the largest green bond issuer globally.

Read on page 28 of the December issue of LEO.

Lux Finance Awards 2017 – LuxSE

LuxSE praised for contributing to the financial centre in Luxembourg.

We received the Outstanding Contribution to the Financial Center of Luxembourg 2017 Award, during a ceremony organised by InFinance on 30 November. Awarded by an expert jury, the prize recognises our innovation efforts and the Luxembourg Green Exchange’s success in encouraging and boosting green, social and sustainable finance internationally.


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