Actions after Listing

After a listing and admission to trading, issuers are subject to specific requirements for information disclosure


For all ongoing disclosure of information, there is a difference in the requirements depending on whether the security is listed the Euro MTF or the Bourse de Luxembourg regulated market.

For both markets, most of this information is of a corporate nature. Notably, issuers must publish in Luxembourg price-sensitive information on a timely basis in accordance with Luxembourg legislation. A few categories of issuers or securities, such as certain investment funds, are not subject to or are exempt from some requirements.

The brochures “A Prime Location for Listing” and “Your Premium Listing Destination” contain useful summaries of such information. These can be found in the documents box on the right.

For issuers on the Bourse de Luxembourg regulated market

To enable issuers on its regulated market to meet these obligations, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange operates two distinct services :

The detailed continuing obligations, including those in connection with the annual report (for all issuers) and half-yearly information (only for share issuers) are contained in the Luxembourg law of 11 January 2008 on transparency requirements and its related Grand-ducal Regulation of 11 January 2008.

In addition to the drafting and preparation of documents containing regulated information, this law requires issuers to file the regulated information with the Luxembourg supervisor, the CSSF, to provide that information to an officially appointed mechanism for the central storage of regulated information and to publish regulated information, ensuring effective dissemination of such information to the public within the European Union.

An exhaustive and explicit list of regulated information to be published can be found on page 5 of the CSSF circular 08-337 (as amended).

For issuers on the Euro MTF

As an exchange-regulated market, the Euro MTF is outside the scope of European directives and as such different requirements for information disclosure apply.

The detailed continuing obligations for issuers of securities admitted to trading on the Euro MTF market are contained in Chapter 10, Part 1 of the Rules and Regulations of the LuxSE.

In addition, issuers are subject to continuing obligations towards the LuxSE, notably on filing information and corporate events with the LuxSE, in order to enable an efficient monitoring of the functioning of its markets (see Chapter 9 in Part 1 of the Rules and Regulations).

Issuers on the Euro MTF can also take advantage of the LuxSE’s Financial News Service for publication and dissemination of such information.


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