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LuxSE is the leading venue for listing international debt securities. We are an independent stock exchange offering trading services for shares, fixed income, investment funds, covered warrants and certificates. Learn how you can get access to more than 35,000 tradable securities.

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  • EUR 58 bn

    Market capitalisation of domestic companies as of 31.12.2017

  • +12.4%

    Increase of equity transactions between 2016 and 2017

LuxSE is the primary exchange for listed companies domiciled in Luxembourg, for example:

Fixed income

Around 50% of the most liquid bonds in Europe are tradable on LuxSE. We are the preferred listing venue for fixed income issuers. In terms of traded volume, our top issuers include:

30% of the current 7.000 listed straight bonds on LuxSE markets are liquid.
Investors who trade on our markets are protected by real-time monitoring and supervision provided by the Surveillance Department.

  • 1,300 bonds

    Quoted by liquidity providers

  • 11,000

    Number of new listings in 2017

Investment funds

  • Funds 250+
    Share classes 5100+

    Tradable on LuxSE

  • 30% less expensive

    Buying funds on LuxSE is cheeper compared to traditional channels

What are the benefits for investors?

  • Access to some 300 share classes quoted by liquidity providers
  • Real-time trading opportunities during market opening hours
  • Prices known in advance
  • Pre- and post-trade transparency
  • All types of orders permitted
  • No minimum investment
  • No fund subscription or redemption fees

We are the selection of choice for the fund industry’s biggest players:

Covered warrants and certificates

Many banks use LuxSE to list their exchange-traded derivatives (ETD). Such exposure helps them to promote ETDs to a wider range of investors. The principal issuers of ETDs on LuxSE include:

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Head of Markets & Surveillance

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Markets & Surveillance Officer

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